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taking time with children :: resources

taking time with children :: resources

{sharing this week on TIME :: the felt need of every child, the desire of every parent — to intentionally gather this precious commodity and call it meaningful}
Simplicity Parenting is a new book to my shelves and such an encouragement!  Much is a rehearsal of our desires and patterns — cutting back on toys, carefully monitoring screen time and the like — and yet, I’m finding fresh perspectives.  Excellent so far in the presentation of the ‘why’ behind keeping life simple for children (and family).
Mitten Strings for God has been read and re-read many times.  A simple presentation of slowing down family life with one mother’s examples of creating special moments for children in the middle of bustling life all around.  Sweet and a quick, enjoyable read.

Slowing childhood is becoming counter-cultural :: the new normal is to run, run, run with the flow of numerous activities and demanding schedules.  Playful exploration for children is squeezed out by so much other.

May I be bold and share what could be one underlying concern?


I say this only because I’ve experienced it and fight against it as well.  Fear.

That my children will be left behind, will not attain the skills needed for a pursuit, will be considered odd…etc, etc.  Just recently my husband and I found ourselves quite subtly trapped into the mindset of this kind of fear when thinking through decisions for next year’s schooling schedule.

The pressure is real
.  And while I’m far from suggesting children not develop gifts and abilities — the pace at which those are experienced needs to be considered.

Playful childhood should be defended and preserved.



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