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...asks us to go where it hurts, to enter into the places of pain, to share in brokenness, fear, confusion, and anguish. Compassion means full immersion in the condition of being HUMAN.

- Henri Nouwen


I offer services of COMPASSION

to support your COURAGEOUS journey


safe, sacred and still spaces


spiritual companionship


guidance in writing your story


opportunity to explore who you are

and how you show up in the world

spiritual direction

To live COURAGEOUSLY, you need a centered SOUL.


A soul offered space to reflect, heal, transform and dream. Opportunity to step back in order to move forward.


Spiritual direction offers this space.


It is a sacred conversation, the willingness of one person to strengthen, encourage and companion another. Through listening and compassionate care, I work one-on-one with you to explore and deepen your soul's journey in God.


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investment: $85 USD per session

the write your self course

To live COURAGEOUSLY, you need to embrace your STORY.


When we experience suffering or trauma, every part of us is impacted.


We may lose our way, our voice - our sense of self. The default response may be to hide, swallowed up in silence about our experiences.


But you are NOT powerless. And your story matters. All of it.


Through a gently-paced personal & community writing process I offer guidance, empowerment and support for writing your story and opening it to transformation.


investment: $189 USD

"Daniele offers a quiet and steady

presence. With wisdom gleaned from

life's challenges, she helps you explore

your STORY and notice GOD

in unexpected places."

~ Vicki

enneagram education

To live COURAGEOUSLY, you need to better understand yourSELF.


Are you aware how you show up in the world? How others experience you?


Does it even matter?


Do you need to reclaim a sense of self in the aftermath of trauma or transition?


When functioning as our true self in God, life is transformed. We begin with awareness.


I use the Enneagram personality tool to help explore what makes you YOU and why it matters for courageous living. Together we identify where you connect within the nine types, each one reflecting the image of God.


You will better understand strengths and vulnerabilities, how your STORY impacts your journey, and most importantly - how you desire to move forward.


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Type Titles from This book by Calhoun & loughrige

questions & answers

how often are sessions?

The rhythm of spiritual direction sessions is always left to you. I suggest once a month. We can increase or decrease pace as it seems helpful.


Enneagram education or other coaching offered in a series or set.

what if a session is missed?

You may read my terms before any purchase. I hope your question is answered there, and please reach out as needed.

are your services similar to counseling?

No. I feel confident offering my services yet distinguish between psychology and spirituality. These overlap for each of us and you might benefit from support in both areas at the same time. If you wonder about next steps, please seek the opinion of a professional of your choice. Feel free to share this website or any of my services if helpful.

do we need to meet in person?

I live in Central Pennsylvania USA and am currently offering sessions via Zoom only.

what would you like to do next?

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Daniele Evans