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Wonderful Gifts!

Wonderful Gifts!

I believe a cup of water can be much more appreciated in the desert place, than if we live next to a river. So, in the midst of this place and some trying experiences {and a bit ongoing} concerns with our young son’s health, I am soaking in the gifts all around. In fact, it’s becoming more of a habit to slow down and notice them each day.

68. sweet potatoe pie making, just because

69. new monthly arrivals in the next year! a surprise, free gift
70. the opportunity to attend our state’s upcoming homeschool convention, for the first time

On that note, I am happy that in past years I’ve postponed attending. Usually the reason has been because our curriculum was already chosen and the need to look through new books, etc. didn’t present itself as important. This year however, there is much more focus for me on the ‘why’ behind our homeschool journey. A fine-tuning of what types of books, curriculum, or even{gulp!} lack of curriculum closely relates to our vision. With fresh eyes I approach the vendors and look forward to being renewed and refreshed by speakers who have walked this road a bit longer.
71. new fabric colors to play with and manipulate into something,
not yet sure what
72. the gift of humor and laughter, abundant in our home
73. recording moments and pieces of our lives on new camera equipment

74. shared vision and oneness with my spouse :: in commune with one another, humbly attempting to build this home into a picture of what Christ intends

75. yes! a long-ago wish come to pass :: a new instrument in our home, on borrowed time from a friend, but enough to figure out if the enjoyment is to last. I am plucking away already.
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  • Ann Voskamp @Holy ExperienceMay 9, 2008 - 3:40 pm

    The harp! The pictures! The joy in the simple…

    You are so wise–water in the desert tastes sweeter.

    Good to slow and see and give thanks with you, Daniele…

    Your joy makes my heart sing!

    All’s grace,

  • Lea of Farmhouse*BlessingsMay 13, 2008 - 10:04 pm

    Daniele, I was led to your blog through Toby at Merchant Ship. After reading your first paragraph, I know it not an accident that I am here. I have been blessed already.

    Smiles of joy,

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