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why traditions are worth the effort

why traditions are worth the effort

Last night we celebrated our traditional Passover seder meal — adapted from Jewish roots to reflect our belief in a risen Messiah.  Oh, this one was a bit of sacrifice truth be told.  Ongoing insomnia, a cranky teething toddler, and a few days running on low energy about threatened and trumped tradition.

I wanted to cut corners, knowing that any talk of waiting until next year would be met with complete shock.

But sometimes it pays to push through exhaustion.  To persevere in the face of difficult realities.

Little ones (and big ones) excitedly anticipated the evening —

“Mom, can I help make the matzoh?  Oh, it’s already done!  How about the charoset?”

“Should we set the table now?  Where are the candles?  Can I pour the grape juice?”

And as they chattered, conversation turned to last year, and the year before that one…and to years before some of them were born.  Discussing who did what and had which responsibilities and did anyone remember the time such & such broke?

I chop, carve, cut and listen intently as they share.

These children remember.

And isn’t this the purpose of our tradition making?  For them to remember?

To seal in hearts and minds truth that remains.

Fresh energy came as I joined in the laughter and walk down memory lane.  I think back to conversations with my spouse concerning this time :: many years ago desiring to mark Easter celebrations with a look back at God’s instructions for His people.

The Master teacher creatively designed celebrations of remembrance — for year after year.

And we too join in calling to mind His faithfulness to a people enslaved and lost.  To this people — you and I — lost without a Savior.

And in the simple observance of one family, we pause to remember.

Not only traditions and stories of years gone by,

not simply memories all our own…

…we recall the faithfulness of a God, who before the foundations of the world

chose to save a people lost without Him.


To celebrate Him and His goodness was worth the effort.

Another year of tradition welcomed and enjoyed.

Thank you Lord for grace enough.



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