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when you’re thirteen…

when you’re thirteen…

When you’re thirteen…

you’re not quite as excited to have your picture featured on mom’s blog, so she’s cautious & asks permission first.

(unlike a certain little brother who thoroughly enjoys his photo on the computer!)

But when you’re newly thirteen,

it’s different.  And Mom understands.

Today though, several days after the actual celebration of your coming — one filled with historic flooding in our area, significant changes to birthday plans — a full blown picture seems appropriate.

Or two?

I mean really sweetheart…

We did spend a chunk of time of that rainy birthday,

experimenting and trying for the perfect headshot,

dodging raindrops and following the little bit of natural light around,

being silly, exchanging jokes and serious moments too…

then over salads at Ruby Tuesdays deciding on only four ‘good ones’ out of 155 takes, thanking the waiter (a photography/videography major) for his thoughts, opinions and compliments.  And later laughing like crazy that he assumed Mom was a professional, asking for her studio name.

Oh, it was a fun day, your birthday.

Mom appreciates that at thirteen, you’re not too fussy.  Content with simple celebrations, uncomplicated requests.  You go with the flow, and while you know what you’d like…

you’re satisfied with what you receive.

That’s a blessing at thirteen.  Thanks baby girl, thanks.

And Happy Birthday.




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