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when daddy travels :: 5 tips for family togetherness

when daddy travels :: 5 tips for family togetherness

Sometimes, a father works from home or in close proximity to where he lives.  He’s near the family, can easily offer a helping hand or come home for lunch, and enjoys the freedom of a flexible schedule.

Other fathers hold regular hours at a different location, maybe working weekends or various shifts.  In our country’s current reality, there must be dads searching for work as well, willing to take the next opportunity, whatever it may be.

Our family best understands the life of a father who travels.  Serving in our church and in educational settings, the Dad in our home works away some days, far away at times.  I can imagine other families facing the same life situation.

How do we foster family togetherness even with one of us away?


{Read the rest of this post — 5 purposeful tips for the family — over at Frugal Granola, where I contribute monthly to Michele’s blog.  The fall months bring traveling days for the Dad in our home, and I’m reminding myself of these suggestions. Tomorrow, I’ll share a few more practical tips}


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