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what I hope your days hold

what I hope your days hold

I seem to be capitalizing on the ‘just one hour’ solo moments in the last few weeks…

though this outing included another, we each took to our own spots and meandered around,

simply looking, pondering,


for some, time alone offers refreshment.

for others, gathering & being with a group is energizing.

we need a good mix of both — balancing how much of each we desire is key.

{weck canning jars }

I hope your days find a little of both.  Periods of time for solo reflection and pause,

thinking : writing : sitting : listening : resting

And time for connections with exceptional friends, those with whom you feel comfortable,

no pretenses : genuine conversation : authentic relationships


it’s the stuff our lives should be made of.



{photos from terrain at styer’s in glen mills, pa}


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