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welcoming the new year

welcoming the new year

“Do not call to mind the former things,
Or ponder things of the past.
Behold, I will do something new,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert.” (NASB)

“Forget about what’s happened;
don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?
There it is!” (The Message)


Isaiah 43: 18-19 speaks words we should ponder, yes?

It’s not the we disregard our experiences, dismiss our emotions — no, these are important.  Yet, as we move into the new…for indeed it’s a new year whether welcomed or not…we should carefully consider if we’re driving forward staring in the rear view mirror.

Approaching days ahead, yet longing for the comfort zone of yesterdays :: resisting change or challenge.

Our God is about doing new things, and I believe right now, for each of us, He is up to just that.  Building on what He accomplished in us from before, this gracious God continues to weave our lives into a design fit for His kingdom purposes.

I’m not sure if 2012 will hold dramatic change or more-of-the-same in your life :: in my life, I see God shaking things up (in a good way).  I just don’t want to miss Him. Failure to see and take notice, to drive ahead looking backwards — at the past, at what others said or thought, at mistakes or questions, at my lack — will halt progress, will cause an accident if you will.

That’s not what I want.  It’s not what you want either.

So, look and see what God is doing!  Be alert, take note.  Don’t miss it here at the beginning of a fresh year.

He’s doing a new thing.



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