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two months down! :: March goals

two months down! :: March goals

Though I’m not blogging about it much, I am still participating in the 3in30 challenge — three goals to meet every thirty days!

I am appreciating this accountability and rather uncomplicated way of setting vision and working towards it.  Not that it’s always easy to accomplish what I set out to do!  Let’s see how February’s goals went ~

  • To read A Charlotte Mason Companion :: well, I did read most of this book and skimmed various parts.  Very eye-opening as I’ve thought our approach to homeschooling was CM in nature.  Hmmm, after this book & understanding a little more, I’m not so sure!  We are simply rather eclectic, pulling from a variety of streams of home education and doing what works.  However, the book is informative.  Goal #1 accomplished!
  • Secondly, my husband and I have some very big financial goals this year and we broke them down month by month.  In February, I wanted to add an extra 5% towards our savings and we surpassed that goal!  Very exciting and gives me momentum to keep finding ways to save in our budget.  Goal #2 accomplished!
  • And lastly, I wanted to work at 7-8 hours of sleep nightly.  I’ve had a serious battle with insomnia in recent months.  February started off very well with the help of a melatonin supplement and lots of licorice root tea (received as a Christmas present and thoroughly enjoyed)! As the month went on, my sleep patterns were off & on; so Goal #3 only semi-accomplished.

So last month went very well!  Moving on to March ~

  • the spring cleaning bug hit me about two weeks ago! I know…so weird.  This month, I want to finish decluttering our first floor and deep clean there also (upstairs & bedrooms are already done!)
  • okay–I’m being bold in this online space. 🙂  Goal #2 for March is to work on exercising!  Eating nourishing foods is a fairly established habit, but serious exercise (outside of chasing my children around) is not a habit.  I have a pass to a local gym for 10 visits and plan to use all in March.  That may not sound much to you exercise buffs…but baby steps is where to start right?
  • and lastly, my personal word for 2011 is NOURISH.  I had many ideas of what this should and could look like, but didn’t really consult the Lord on what He had in mind (ouch).  So, in March, I’m spending time in prayer — lots of it — asking him how to move forward in nourishing my spirit, body and mind.  He’s given me a peek into this already, and I want to ask ‘what else, Lord’?  Prayerfully by the end of this month, I will have more clarity.

Alright!  Feels great to write them all down.

Enjoy the weekend, friends….


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