Reflect on the needs of your soul -->

to live fully, right where you are

to live fully, right where you are

In this journey, this travel of seeking to nourish soul as well as body,

I pause.

For a true pilgrimage often includes others, even if traveled alone for a time.

So, dear friends, the invitation arrives to your screen today…

If this becomes yet one more thing ‘to-do’, by all means save for another season.  Yet, I ask you to consider participating in a book journey that is about you.

That is about me.

It’s about life.  All of our lives and the meaning, the dare to live it fully.  Come along?


One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

written by Ann Voskamp, a beautiful writer who inspires and moves me towards Jesus, towards writing out the gifts and whom I had the privilege of meeting at the Relevant Conference last fall (yes! that is me on the site’s header…just noticed this 2 wks ago!)

DaySpring has a new online book club reading through One Thousand Gifts starting next week.  There is still time to order the book and participate.

I leave you today with the trailer to ponder….

Dare to Live Fully.

what would you like to do next?

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