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time for less

time for less


The adults around these parts are experiencing a little more of that rough weather I shared last week.

We stand strong, we stand together, but sometimes…there needs to be less in order to make room for more.  It’s no secret life pulls the rug out from underneath.  It’s no surprise we all feel the swoosh of such movement and find ourselves topsy-turvy wide-eyed on the floor.

Thankfully, it’s not the everyday. 

I know you understand – stress and strain is no respecter of persons, it doesn’t come conveniently for any of us does it?  We place hope in one day being free from these pressures, and we wait.

Today, we are still.  For a few days, we pause.

I’ll return to this space on Thursday with the allergies and asthma post update.  Life is probably full between now and then, so I can slip the post quietly into your inbox if you’d like.

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If you too are feeling a tug for quiet, may I share some words?

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