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thinking ahead

thinking ahead

Another year of home educating is coming to a close, and this Mama finds it a little bittersweet.

My second girl is wrapping up elementary school and it’s hard to believe that seventh grade is right around the corner!  Okay, we do have the summer in between…but wow.  Girl number three closes the door on first grade and the little boy born just ‘yesterday’ is joyfully looking forward to next year, and the next year, and the next year…

And so it goes.


I should be excited that they are all so thrilled with homeschooling—I am too and right now can’t imagine another road to travel.  Had you asked me about six weeks ago I probably would have had a different answer though!  We have our days.  In the next few weeks I hope to write a little here and there about our year, so we can remember and give thanks.

Plans have begun floating around in my head for next year—plotting and thinking through what our days will hold and how it will work together (the baby will NOT be a sleeping infant but a toddling little boy).  But first, warmer months are coming and we’re all looking forward to a break and some new activities!

To all other homeschoolers out there….a happy ending to your year (whenever that may be)!

A few treats before you go~

Have you been to Simple Homeschool’s site yet?  It’s a new community and very informative.

A suggestion on how to organize homeschool days :: seek to scale seven daily rungs on the ladder

The best book on educating children that I have read so far :: this one is dog-eared, underlined and highlighted throughout!

And here’s a post that’s not necessarily about homeschooling, but on living life on purpose—deliberately, intentionally.  Great for homeschooling Mamas don’t you think?


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