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The Week in Review

The Week in Review

Hello all,

We’ve been working this week at catching up some on academics since being sick for a long time earlier this month had us off track. Now that we’re definitely healthy, Mom has instituted BOOK camp (very similar to boot camp!).
I (Janelle) finished my Math curriculum this week and am taking a break before starting the next one. I’ve improved quite a bit in my accuracy and in following directions! Before, I usually just jumped in and started my work without giving much thought to what they were actually asking me to do {hehe}. Seriously not okay with my mother. I’ve read several books in the last two weeks and also worked through lots of reading comprehension & thinking skills exercises in my language curriculum. Yesterday I wrote a Spring acrostic poem. Want to hear it? Of course you do:
Beautiful things sitting on trees
Unravel a story to no one told
Dipped into beauty, they hold a
Secret we will soon see.
Alongside of academics I’ve had rehearsals this week for the show I’m in at a local theatre. Opening weekend is coming up! I’m nervous, excited and ready all at the same time. Oh, and achievement testing is on Monday…but who wants to talk about that?
Alright, I (Jordyn) have been busy as well. Mom and I are working on basic phonics and reading now that my interest has resurfaced. I’m really enjoying my Word Whammer and also a reading site that Mommy found to reinforce what we learning. I finished Psalm 27 and am starting on Psalm 8. Of course, Mom reads to me daily. Other than that I keep myself occupied with building things, which I LOVE to do! Blocks, Legos, K’Nex, Lincoln logs or items around the house such as straws, plastic cups & masking tape and such are all tools for me to use. Oh, and I work on writing skills, which is not my favorite at all so I don’t have much to say there.
Why am I left at the end?? I (King Josiah) would rather be first next time. I’ve been up to…well, let me just show you what I’ve been doing:

Who spilled those Cheerios on the floor?

Oh yeah…….ME!! Guess I better go and help clean up.

Jackie will post her own senior update in a while so stay tuned!

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  • JackieMarch 29, 2008 - 12:43 pm

    i loved that acrostic poem, janelle! well done. and the pics of king josiah are absolutely precious!ReplyCancel

  • HomeGrown LifeApril 11, 2008 - 10:56 am

    “Book Camp” sounds like it’s going well. Your children seem to be thriving in their homeschooling environment!ReplyCancel

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