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the true purpose of living intentionally

the true purpose of living intentionally

This week I’ve jotted a few thoughts on intentional living — two words receiving much press in the media world.  In case you missed it ~

The Myth of ‘Doing it All‘ and another post on Living Intense or Intentional? .  Words to consider; feel free to jot me a line of your own thoughts!

Today I reflect ::

For the Christian, the desire to live with focus and intention must always include the desire to glorify God.

It must.

First, I should clarify that there’s no assumption all of our goals are the same — they don’t need to be.  Perhaps for you, living intentionally includes elements of frugality or simplicity in various forms.  Maybe you’re applying the idea to certain relationships such as parenting, marriage or friendships.

Food choices, work-related or financial decisions, the list could go on.  We’re not clones and are being led by a God who capitalizes on dealing with us individually as well as a group.

The encouragement today is one that includes us all.  God must be at the center, the primary audience we seek to honor.

And how might we know this is happening?  What clues should we look for?

Thankfully, Scripture gives us direction:

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16 ESV)

We are salt and light in the secular as well as the sacred.  In our spiritual and practical lives, there’s opportunity for others to watch, to observe just what we’re doing — the scripture implies that we should allow for this.  Not for our own display of how far we’ve come, but instead for the glory of God.

Living this life is a gift. As others watch, the prayer is they are attracted to the Giver and not only my ‘good works’.  The steps we take to purposefully and intentionally plan out our priorities, use our gifts, live our days cannot ostracize others from viewing the beauty of God at work.

Frugality should not keep us from being generous.  Changing eating & food habits should not shut out fellowship with others.  Increasing family time should not make us an island unto ourselves.  A routine or schedule should be flexible enough to be ‘disturbed’ by God’s plan for our day.

We must not exalt our work over our worship. The good works spoken of in Matthew are of importance; the glory to the Father is of greater importance.

This is the true purpose of intentional living — to make Him known.




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