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the profanity of perfectionism in motherhood

the profanity of perfectionism in motherhood

“The idea that it’s possible to be a ‘perfect’ Christian mother is not only damaging to women who are desparately trying to do right by their children; it’s also a perversion of our basic Christian belief in the saving power of Jesus.

It’s incredibly arrogant for us to believe that our human action is necessary for God to act in the lives of our children.”

“Naturally, I believe that we parents have a little something to do with how our children turn out, but I also believe it’s blasphemous to think God’s ability to touch the hearts of my children is somehow dependent on my skill as a parent.

The idea that mothers are responsible for the spirituality of their children is cult thinking at its most profane.  If it were possible for mothers to raise perfect children, we would have no need for Jesus.

“I certainly don’t mean to imply that parents aren’t important.  There are several passages in the Bible that implore parents to be intentional about passing a heritage of faith on to their children.

But when we place the full weight of raising God-fearing children in the hands of parents, we discount God’s ability to reach a child without us.”

– excerpt from the book The Myth of the Perfect Mother



Next week I plan to begin a series on living life intentionally :: sharing topics such as

* the myth of ‘doing it all’ *

* being driven by vision & purpose instead of circumstances or emotions *

* are you intense or intentional? *

and a few other ramblings going on in my head right now!

So these quotes today from a book I’m perusing (yes Sherry, I need to return this to you! :)) seemed appropriate.  While I won’t be addressing motherhood solely per se, I was struck by the words of this author in describing the faulty set-up as we approach parenting.

In life as well.

We will not achieve perfection here on this planet — it’s not attainable by anyone, ever.  Our day will come.

Until then, our desire as Christians should be to walk hand-in-hand with the Savior, totally dependent on His Spirit to teach us about this life and how to live it.  Seeking to honor and diligently following His ways and yet with humble understanding, knowing that we will fail or miss the mark.


Asking for much more than this seems, well…profane.


Until next week then?  Grace to your weekend…



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