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the practice of {speaking joy}

the practice of {speaking joy}

When life gives way to unexpecteds, new directions,

changing tides…

Speak Joy.

If days are long, nights are weary, and comfort is fleeting…

in the hospital room, the boardroom, in a room all alone,

Speak Joy.

Whether this day delivers exactly as expected, or in direct opposition to your intentions,

find ways to speak joy.

Praise bubbles up when all is well.  A natural bent of our emotional insides is a joy-filled and enthusiastic response to circumstances gone right and positive outcomes.  We shout amens and hallelujahs from the depths of our being.

And we should.

Be the one out of ten who say thank you.

Today…a reminder for the other times?

See speaking joy as a gift. In the middle of unknown or unwelcome situations, this practice of naming grace keeps the heart from slipping too far…

…too quickly down the slope of ingratitude.  Like the hem of a well-made dress, our edges stay in line instead of fraying.  It’s a good thing, speaking joy.

Let us practice vocalizing and verbalizing what is good,

what is lovely, all that is admirable,

the right, excellent and praiseworthy reports!  It’s a reasonable request.

And so I speak joy…

for toddler boy’s song demands requests :: Down by the Bay heard at least 25 times (sigh)

for dry basements and steady electricity in recent storms

freshly laundered sheets covering beds

sun after the rain.

for days alone with my spouse,

lingering conversations, laughter

thinking, sharing, celebrating


for help :: a mother who will come often to lend a hand

a teen girl, this mother’s helper my little ones adore

all the family working together

an understanding that I’m not superwoman, and it’s more than okay.

for glimpses, appearances of fall

nature releasing and embracing ever slowly, but surely, the next time of year

for daily moments of extraordinary grace,

this undeserved favor from a God who loves lavishly.

I thank you.



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