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the practice of {letting go}

the practice of {letting go}

One could say leaves need limited direction in letting go,

they know when.

When to release and be liberated from branches, their homes for a season.  When to shake loose, be freed from function and place. With magnificent display, breathtaking beauty…

they say good-bye.

Purpose complete, vision accomplished, making room for more.

If only I were so wise.

But leaves know this because Creator God instructs them so, sustains their cycles and patterns and releases them at just the right time.  Not too early, not too late.

Perfectly synced.

Gracefully, very gentleman like, the keeper of Creation does this for you and me. With greater intentionality, within relationship, He instructs us as well.  Tells us when to move forward.

Oh, our journeys aren’t so impressively beautiful at times. For  we, unlike nature, do not always yield.  We do not bend our wills and recognize the beauty found…

in letting go, in sweet release.

How this must grieve Him.

Thus the journey of my year.

I am always thrilled to receive a word from the Lord, a way in which to focus my attention :: NOURISH.  Such an excellent word!  Oh yes, I was deeply satisfied and welcomed conversations, 2011 was going to be a great year.

And so it has.  The Word has nourished me.  Extended Sabbath rest has refreshed me, solo moments once again an intentional practice.  How I have bathed in a pool of extravagant provision!

Within this season has also been a call, a clear Voice of direction…

In order to move forward, I must be willing to {let go}.

In the next two weeks, I plan to share more of this journey, with prayerfully some practical helps for you as well.

Until then, do words here ring true?

Sometimes we sense a disturbance in our circumstances for precisely this reason — God is shaking things up. Very much like the leaves, He is preparing us for sweet release.

He intends for the passage from one vision to another to display beauty,

a truly magnificent showcase of His glory at work.



Abundant grace to you…


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