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the practice of {creating space}

the practice of {creating space}

We speak of creating time…

but really, time has already been created.  It’s a finite gift at our disposal, an offering from One who is timeless.  From He who has no need for hours and days, minutes and moments.  He fills all of time, beginning to end.

And we are given a slice.  A blessing to manage, and so we do.  We strategize, organize, and agonize around this idea of how to spend our gift.

We cannot create more time, but we can create space.  In our calendars, in our plans…we can make room, tell time where to go and where to stay.  This too is a gift.

In years of opportunity to work with others, to hear of their personal lives, I’ve found one thing rings true:  we make room for that which is truly important to us.  We take the time for what we want.

I know.  This isn’t a popular statement since everyone could explain a situation beyond their control. I know. There are circumstances, people, and seasons of life which push us into corners, makes us feel helpless even.  Yet, I still stand on this observation as a primary conclusion — we find excuses, we make room — all based on what we’d like or not like to do.

I’m only tiptoeing around this idea, not an expert in any way.  Several years of asking this question of what is truly important to me, and creating space in my commitments to reflect these priorities has been a lightbulb shining bright.

Time is the great equalizer, we all are gifted the same amount.  We do not all have similar opportunities or options true, but time?  We all embrace the same twenty-four.

Today I encourage:  what is your practice of creating space for the important? In the amount of control given over your circumstances and immediate circles of influence, how do you make room?

Pondering and thinking with you…


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