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the practice of {celebrations}

the practice of {celebrations}

February always brings celebration for our family — a daughter’s birthday, our anniversary.

In our morning devotional time, we pause for celebrations…anything in the last few days which deserves a shout out.  The kids’ comments run the scope from I’m so glad I found my shoe! to other thoughts as I did well on my essay.

My 3-yr old simply states the same thing each time:  I went to see the baby cows (we live near a dairy farm).  Even if the last time he visited was weeks ago.

To celebrate ::  to publicly acknowledge a significant day or event.
To give honor or praise due.

This practice of making room for celebrations, in our own way, is so important to family living.  We create memories, foster the bonds between us all, and simply enjoy each other’s company.  Yes, celebrations are important.

The children around here pick up these practices and make them their own. Valentine’s woke us up to a breakfast spread by our 10-yr old, all her own idea and doing, wee early to make sure she beat us to the kitchen.

Sometimes it’s dinner on a blanket in the family room instead of at the table, with plenty of sharing around a special topic or idea.  Or we pack it all up and venture to a local park during warmer months.

When Daddy shared anniversary flowers recently, the children all ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’. He seems to know just when to do this, for I’m not too big on flower deliveries.  I always smile though, because they come at just the right time — every time.

It’s not about gifts, not about spending large or making a splash.  It’s about family.

About pausing for the special-to-us moments which make up everyday living. About demonstrating to our children that birthdays and Christmas and other days have meaning, yes — but any day is a reason to give praise for something.

We don’t have to party all the time.  But you know, every so often….it’s just right.  

Practice the habit of celebrating your life.


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  • Lisa EggersFebruary 28, 2013 - 10:22 pm

    I had a day that didn’t feel like there was much to celebrate, but I think you’re right. We can make it a celebration of family if we choose to. Tomorrow’s a new day and I think I’ll do just that. Thanks Daniel…ReplyCancel

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