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the power of in-between living

the power of in-between living

I talked about the in-between a few months ago…

when expectations shift and plans are different

leaving us with a slice of what was anticipated,

how do we respond?

Disappointment is natural — tears, anger, anguish — there’s room for the process.  Any perspective speaking otherwise is faulty religion I believe.  We feel deeply, and we should.

Yet still, our emotions need boundaries.  The ocean always reaches the shore, a place to stop.  This far and no more.  Where our edge or coastline ends varies vastly depending on our situations and our responses to them.

For us all, however…

there are in-between moments.  When darkness gives way to light :: glimpses of glory, highlights of hope.

When we practice gratitude, speak joy — we shift from describing our situation, to describing our Savior *.

We create this ‘in between’, this right-in-the-middle of our situation looking up and gazing upon greater beauty.

For there is always grace surrounding us should we choose to see.  If we allow, God provides His view and perspective, His activity in the midst.  Pausing to acknowledge our God shines light — glorious light.

And in this situation or that one,

we see God.


{* this weekend, I was reminded by a friend’s teaching of King David’s self-talk in the Psalms.  How he feels deeply his situation and circumstance, and in the midst pauses to praise God.  Try this today?  Glean from the Psalms this pattern of in-between living.}



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