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the pain and promise of Lent

the pain and promise of Lent

We begin a journey today — forty days before Easter — of examination.  Of pause in our Christian walk to consider this season, the Lord’s death and resurrection and our place in the story.

Though we did not practice any reference to Lent growing up and our church community is not focused on this observance, we’ll adopt a tailored version for our family.  From my understanding, traditionally Lent is an annual season of self-sacrifice.  Of laying aside or ‘giving up’.

During Lent, one focuses on their shortcomings, the sin that brought Christ to the cross.

If this were all however, I’m not sure there is much appeal.

But another purpose exists.


“Put another way, Lent is the season in which we ought to be surprised by joy.  Our self-sacrifices serve no purpose unless, by laying aside this or that desire, we are able to focus on our heart’s deepest longing: unity with Christ.  In him — in his suffering and death, his resurrection and triumph — we find our truest joy.” excerpt from Bread and Wine :: Readings for Lent and Easter

For the next forty days, in big and small ways, we will acknowledge this truth :: that Christ, through His suffering and pain, delivered us the promise of a future.

We will practice identifying with His suffering in fasting and releasing certain pleasures.  The Gospel accounts of Christ’s ministry on earth, particularly the end of his time here will be read and reviewed.  Reenacting Palm Sunday, celebrating the Passover, and joyfully welcoming the LIFE in His resurrection — we will experience it all!

And it begins today….

{pictured above is the Way of Light wreath; supporting a child’s business adventure and an investment into our annual family celebrations.}

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