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the grace to know :: a relevant recap

the grace to know :: a relevant recap


{reflections today after attending The Relevant Conference last weekend}

When you’ve been incredibly, abundantly BLESSED

you need grace.

We often think of this need in times of trouble, of lack.  And yes, desperate grace is sought in the dark.  Yet, even in the light — when all shines glory and beauty and lovely,

…we need grace.  Grace to respond to this unmerited outpouring of FAVOR.

What is a gift that sits?  Would I be impressed seeing my expression of love in the back of a closet — under a bed?

The Giver is even less impressed.

God’s desire in blessing us is so very simple, we often miss it.  His expectations are not grand or too difficult.  But it is purpose-driven and intentional.

He blesses so we can bless :: He gives so we can give.  The greater the gift, the greater His expectation that we respond.

Do you see why we need grace?

I cannot come away from the ministry of Shaun Groves, or of Ann Voskamp and listen, hear words — then simply walk away satisfied to be full.  To spiritually feast around the table of like-minded women, enjoying conversations of welding this writing lifestyle into our days — and think only of myself.

I was fed so that I might feed.

Among so great of company, the likes of Lindsay Edmonds, Sally Clarkson, Deidra Riggs, or Joy Forney — I was prayed for, challenged, encouraged, given opportunity :: I laughed, cried, received and left nourished.  So many poured into this heart.

The gift was great.  Huge.

Oh, Lord…most importantly, I thank you.  Grant me grace?

Grace to apply lessons from the conference ::

allowing this online space to shine for Your glory alone, ministering to family first,

not shirking from Your invitations and opportunities,

accepting and celebrating who I am, embracing circles of sisterhood

the ins and outs, the ups and downs of every kind of publishing…

…so much, so much was given.

Let me continue to hear Your voice of direction, of encouragement.  Let me not forget how You moved this weekend, may I not hide Your gift in a closet.

Grace me to respond to You…



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