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the community you need as a woman {part one}

the community you need as a woman {part one}

Oh, yes.  We all know the quote well and most likely have referred to it sometime in our lives.

“No man is an island.”


When and how this quote originated isn’t important as much as the significance.  Deep in our souls we believe fully of the need for friendships, for connection.

I’m convinced that we didn’t begin life with a desire to distance ourselves relationally.  Every little girl wants friends.

They are sought out at school and church, circles of doll-loving or tree-climbing playmates grows.  But then the inevitable happens…

We’re not picked or chosen, even excluded from the circle.  Trust is broken, secrets revealed and by the time we reach adulthood, it’s highly possible we’re hardened.  Heart shielded, walls erected…

We distance ourselves.

For the Christian woman, this presents a crucial problem.

For at the very core of the gospel message is this call for relationship — with God, with one another.  We may not realize and certainly may not even be purposefully doing this, but roadblocks and ‘Do Not Enter’ signs are set up along the very road we’re commanded to travel.

Christ was all about relationships.

The bulk of New Testament scripture speaks loudly on this ‘how to’ of doing life together – with others.  No man is an island.


So we’ll explore these thoughts together?  

This week I’ll share some around this need for community; at the end will bring a post on three relationships we need as women.  I’ll meet you there…



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