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the BEECH conference community :: women who encourage

the BEECH conference community :: women who encourage

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So yesterday I wrote of this need for community, this week we’ll talk more of this call for women of like-mindedness to congregate…

to uplift, to encourage,

to challenge, to equip.

We should all have such community.

When God calls and doors open – a yes response is always best.  To walk in His plans usually makes good sense to both heart and mind.  I’m so glad I said YES!

The BEECH conference was an event held last weekend in sunny Florida :: a gathering of homeschool mamas who write desiring to grow together.  To honor God with their words, their blogs…all while balancing home and family.  I met such incredible like-minded women!

Women who dream BIG, rejecting small thinking

who crave God more than attention and recognition

who desire to take their place, set sacrifices and goals

and who move forward!

We shared much, learned much…testing the waters in encouraging the Christian homeschool blogger.

And the BEECH conference will be an open conference coming in 2013!  For you, perhaps?


Visit the website, sign up for information and stay tuned….



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