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the beauty of Christmas

the beauty of Christmas

There are some who are cynical about this season,

pointing fingers and questioning the generosity of others :: wondering if it’s temporary or if after the tinsel a giving spirit will continue.

Yes, it’s true.  Some may forget and in the next 11 months choose to withhold funds, time, or focus from those in need.

I am more encouraged however by those who have chosen to participate now and for whom this is a lifestyle.  Stories of how families and individuals are reaching out have so blessed me in the last few weeks!

Some are making commitments of finances, supporting with currency.

Others I see volunteering and stretching their time budget further.

Still others are carving out space in their hearts and homes for hospitality, renewed to give afresh in this way.

All distrubuting kindness, hope, love and encouragement to another.  And I pause to praise. Truly this is how our Lord intended it to be?

In the rest of this week…

…and in the weeks beyond, be encouraged.  Watch for displays of giving, and rejoice!

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