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thankful for Advent

thankful for Advent

A BLESSED THANKSGIVING to all who celebrate today…
this day of remembrance naturally lends to the upcoming celebration of Advent,
when we give THANKS for the coming of our Messiah, Jesus.

The season of Advent is a joyous occassion for the family! Advent is a time of anticipation, of longing and of waiting for the birth of the Messiah, Christ who came to earth for us. Celebrated the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, Advent this year officially begins on Sunday, November 28th.

An Advent calendar is a special way to mark this passing of time and can be a practical tool to teach little ones (and big ones!) about the Christmas story and the true ‘reason for the season’. This calendar usually counts down the 24 days before December 25th, but can be adjusted by a day to begin December 1st if wanted.

Last year I chose a simple method to celebrate our family traditions, and to prioritize the many ideas of how to influence our children with the meaning of Christmas ~ a calendar of envelopes! Each morning from December 1st, at our devotional time we opened one envelope that first focused on giving or sharing, and then sometimes on an activity or craft to be completed that day. I opted for mostly quick & easy ideas and other days had more time or effort required. Practical and fun, this idea is easy to duplicate…..

For complete instructions & ideas, hop on over to Frugal Granola….Michele has graciously allowed me to share in her Simple Living series. Join me?

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