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ten things I’m loving right now

ten things I’m loving right now

A simple list of ten things bringing me JOY!


ten things

a reminder above my desk :: and an obviously dirty window to clean (ha!). Sometimes I literally pause and take a deep breath when I see this little sign.

early morning bird songs :: I seem to be a morning person about 3/4 of the year. I’ve noticed this pattern more recently and winter accounts for the one-quarter time of happily sleeping in. Right now I’m completely loving the sound of birds even before sunrise; a calming start to the day.

my self-care practice with the news :: I grew up without television and the practice stuck into adulthood. Normally, I rarely engage the news… I’m sensitive to much of it. Plus, my life holds enough family members and friends who inform me of ‘big’ stuff.

But we’re not living in normal times are we?

Weeks ago I decided to read a few news outlets once a day. I scan different websites and catch up mostly on the pandemic-related information. I also choose to watch our Governor’s news briefs, about once or twice a week.

Some international news feels a bit harder to come by, but connections in the Dominican Republic and Haiti keep me informed (especially of stories which probably wouldn’t be highlighted anyway).

Exercising choice in an emotionally-sustainable way!

ten things

ten things I'm loving

extra time in the kitchen :: I cannot tell you how many egg rolls my youngest and I made in the last month — it’s his new favorite thing. So fun. I’ve also taken time to use my grain mill, trying different flours for pizza crust and bread.  We even made candles for Easter! Appreciating time to do things outside the norm.

encouraging snail mail :: this week I received a handwritten card from a sister-friend I haven’t seen in some time. She came across notes from a teaching I offered at church years ago. The card shared how the experience impacted her, and thoughts of our relationship now and then. Such a gift.

And a tender (yet sweet) throwback to a huge chunk of my adult life leading, shepherding, loving and being led and loved by my previous church community. Goodness, I’ve missed them. I’ve missed seeing my sister-friend on a weekly basis. Feeling grateful for her note.

outdoor time as a family :: except for the rainy days, we ride bikes and take walks regularly in our neighborhood or to explore a new park or trail. Helpful for body and soul.

ten things I'm loving

all the blooms on all the trees :: need I say more?  This magnolia tree is my favorite backyard bloom each year.

opportunity for online learning :: I’m often engaged in some course or workshop – a total Enneagram 5 here! Right now I’m working through The Allender Center’s Story Sage series and gaining so much personally and most of all professionally as I support others. So, so good.

books and stories :: finished Educated (beautiful and brutal) and also regularly listening with my kids to their favorite pastime and childhood audio series. Currently reading Spiritual Conversations with Children and trying to choose a new FICTION book. 😉

your feedback around writing and journaling :: thank you for the responses to my last post!  I received some helpful insight and encouragement for next steps.  Appreciate your thoughts.

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And you — what are you enjoying these days?


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