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ten things I’m loving right now

ten things I’m loving right now

1.  The beautiful hydrangea blooms I picked just the other day.  There are so many I want to fill the entire house with them!  My family may think me crazy so I’ll stop with a few.

2.  How happy those blooms make me whenever I pass the dining room table.

3.  Instagram.  The dark side called, and I answered.  Actually, a certain teen in our home joined and nudged me to unearth my inactive account.  Feel free to follow along!

4.  Newly ordered and in use daily PerfectCLEAN microfiber all-purpose wipers.  I’m a lover of microfiber for cleaning, but cloths purchased from a local store haven’t held up to constant use.  Especially for the kitchen, I wanted strong & sturdy.  These wipers are SUPER!

There’s a lot of technology behind why they clean so well (read it here), and I can say with confidence they are better than any microfiber we’ve used.  I ordered green for the kitchen, blue for bathrooms & windows.  Even though they’re colored, these wipers can be bleached.  {By the way, I didn’t get paid to review these…I just really like them!}

5.  How I’m re-falling in love with my kitchen.  Not that I went through any disappointment at all, but summer days found us with simple meals, picnics or even take-out; the oven stayed rather quiet.  Cooler weather has me inside, and I’m ‘fluffing the kitchen nest’ so to speak.

6.  The changes in our homeschooling.  So rich, so good for all…exactly what we needed in this season.

7.  How months and months of planning, thinking, praying led up to a fantastic all-church meeting last week.  I know I mentioned this earlier in the week (and found out a few of YOU are also pastors’ wives!), but since I often read my own blog posts for reminders that life is blessed, I decided to write it again.  Definitely something I’m loving right now.

8.  Speaking of which, there’s quite a bit of praying and planning happening too for this little ole blog space (which is not so little anymore).  SO much I want to share with you, which also has to do with my church work.  Mixing just a bit what I do here and there, weaving lines between the two.

I’m loving the thought process of how to bless both congregations…this online community and our local one.  All while keeping my family a priority, and myself sane!  It is possible ya know.

9.  Our date night this week.  I mentioned on Facebook my husband’s love of presidential history, and you know I’m into cooking.  So when I heard a White House chef’s book launch was close by (and free :)), I scheduled us right away.

Great inside stories on cooking for both Bushes and the Clintons, changes in the White House kitchen after 9/11, and samples of foods made for the First Family. Loved it.

10.  The cooler fall weather.  Oh yes, I’m savoring these crisp nights and mornings.

Anything you’re loving or doing right now?

Grace to your weekend….


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  • LanaSeptember 27, 2013 - 5:30 pm

    I am a lover of microfiber cleaning too! I love being able to clean so well without using chemicals.

    Our weather has been glorious and we have been eating many meals outside. This week I started a supper journal in a lovely red leather journal that I received for my birthday. I am recording what we ate and will note any guests. I have also added little notes like dining outside. This will be so helpful in planning menus and for remembering new recipes that I try.

    Your hydrangeas are fabulous! I would want to fill my house too!ReplyCancel

  • LanaSeptember 27, 2013 - 5:38 pm

    I was just over looking at your microfiber cloth link. I have those flat mops in another brand and we absolutely love them. I just wet the pad and attach it to the mop and I am cleaning floors. No more gross mops or lugging buckets of water. If I need more cleaning power I just spray a bit of cleaner on the floor. I use Seventh Generation dish soap in a spray bottle of water. This has made floor cleaning SO easy!ReplyCancel

  • Daniele @ Domestic SerenitySeptember 30, 2013 - 8:36 am

    We have similar mops too Lana – and yes, they are great! Love the idea of your supper journal…beautiful.ReplyCancel

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