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ten things for today

ten things for today

TODAY, I am…

:: most grateful for the rise in temperatures around these parts!  oh, yes...winter is paused, children rush outdoors to drink in the sunlight and celebrate a day without coats.

:: planning to bake chocolate chip peppermint cookies this weekend.  I don’t even like chocolate that much, but the family will love it.  I read somewhere to add a little crushed up candy canes…yum.

:: wondering about seeds and plants and the garden that will never be.  But, it is fun to dream.  looking foward to fresh, local produce at farmer’s markets!

:: going to finish the bit of spring cleaning I started earlier in the week–cleaning out children’s closets and decluttering bathroom cabinets.

:: swooning over these tapes!  okay, not really swooning, but a small shriek escaped when discovering this etsy shop, full of japanese masking tapes!  I must live under a rock as I’ve never heard of such a thing.  I have absolutely no need for them, but the site is bookmarked.  Just in case.

:: pondering our homeschool plans for next year, while trying to stay present to this year.  Hmmm…..

:: wanting to take a nap this afternoon.  In the sunlight.  If I finish said closets.

:: enjoying the thought of printing my own stationery paper!  I’m thinking of people who would enjoy a hand-written letter and these are inspirational.  I do appreciate my keyboard, but there’s nothing like pen and paper.  I adore paper.

:: texting my husband to say how much I love him!  One was already sent this morning, but another is definitely deserved.

:: going to focus on today–because it is what I have.  Not tomorrow. 


Grace for your weekend….

what would you like to do next?

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