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taking time for quiet :: a daily pause for moms

taking time for quiet :: a daily pause for moms

Alright, I know what you’re thinking.  Maybe you’re even laughing.  Listen to the…quiet?

And you’re wondering just where this post is going.  We could probably agree that a daily spa moment of sorts is helpful to our well-being.  But just how to make this happen may seem a mystery.

So, hear me out and offer your thoughts as well?

I know Mama.  I know. A household full of little ones, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, ministry, training, teaching, being a wife, a friend, a sister — where in the world does a daily pause fit in!?

May I suggest today that it naturally doesn’t?  At least not all on its own.  This time will not just happen…it must be created.


{Read the rest of this post over at Passionate Homemaking and offer your thoughts as well!  Do you take a daily pause and establish some quiet moments?  Come, hear just why we should.}



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