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summer re-reading :: homeschool inspiration

summer re-reading :: homeschool inspiration

Homeschooling is on the brain!

This week and next we’re dipping our toes into the waters and beginning with a few subjects.  Mostly though, I am working on finishing up general lesson plans and outlines of what we’ll attempt through December.  This helps to relieve the scattered Sunday evening planning of my long-ago ways of homeschooling (anyone know what I’m talking about!?).

Each summer and sometimes mid-year I skim through my favorite resources for inspiration.

For renewal and reminders of vision, of purpose.

So today, I thought to share with any fellow home educators out there.  Some resources are great parenting books in general and great reading as well.


Inspiring Reading for Parents:

Grace-Based Parenting — really appreciate the philosophy here; grace is not wimpy and it’s how our God operates…strong expectations, strong grace.  Love this!

Educating the WholeHearted Child — there is a new edition of the book just released!  Mine is on its way to my door, can’t wait.  I prefer this explanation and exhaustive suggestions on a Charlotte Mason style homeschooling over ‘the big purple book’, which I read earlier this year and didn’t like as much.

For the Children’s Sake — an excellent treatise of sorts on Charlotte Mason education, what first piqued my interest.

No Ordinary Home: The Uncommon Art of Christ-Centered Homemaking

Upgrade: 10 secrets to the best education for your child–my absolute favorite book on homeschooling & education in general :: read several times!

Real Learning— Catholic perspective, full of information & inspiration to encourage true, authentic learning in the home

Seven Things to Know Before You Begin Homeschooling

A Mother’s Heart: A Look at Values, Vision and Character for the Christian Mother— inspiring, I’ve almost memorized sections of this one.

The most eye-opening article from a homeschooling veteran, much wisdom to be gleaned. There’s great stuff here even if you’re not educating at home!  It’s long; I’ve read it in smaller chunks.


Developing Good Habits & Attitudes

Laying Down the Rails :: every parent should have one of these; it’s FULL of wisdom on character training & habit training for both parents and children.


Educational Philosophy :: I would describe our children as being ‘classically educated in a Charlotte Mason style’ if the need arose to explain our homeschooling. To make sense of this statement, here are a few links:

Simply Charlotte Mason — great website full of information; many free e-books and resources!

The Well-Trained Mind — while I don’t adhere to everything explained in this book, much of it is enriching; see a description on classical education here

Ambleside Online — a free online CM curriculum; even if not followed fully, it’s a helpful guide for establishing a foundation of excellence in literacy.


{please note that none of the links are affiliate links, I may do this in the future & will inform everyone :: next up, I’ll share a few resources for building booklists for children — a major cornerstone of Charlotte Mason & classical education, yet also helpful to any parent concerned & interested in children’s literacy}


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