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If you should pause for anything today,

take five,

count to ten,

wait for a little while

create breathing space for this one thing…

to be still.

We are so prone to go, to move with speed.  My day outlined like the science notes I taught our 12-yr old to take yesterday, all orderly and defined.  And in the hustle bustle of necessaries and significants, the flurry of activity in which we all participate…

do we create a still moment in our days?

A momentary gap from one event to the next?

Perhaps Jesus’ admonition to Martha implied this need for stillness in the middle of necessary activity.  For it was necessary I’m convinced :: the preparations needed to be made Scripture tells us.  But Martha was distracted for a time.  Mind filled, thoughts scattered, heart upset.

And she could not be still.

I am creating this stillness today. Pulled again in a powerful tug from my Savior.  For my mind too is filled, my thoughts scattered, my heart tempted.  Life is ebbing & flowing, bringing changes :: unexpected direction, much to consider.

And only one thing is needed Jesus says.  Only one thing to remember…

to be still.


If your time allows for an extra 5 minutes, may this song provide a still moment :: a pause in between events, and a reason to find a slice of serenity in your day. Before playing video, pause the music on this blog by clicking right above post title. Grace…

what would you like to do next?

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