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Spring Science

Spring Science

Since the talk around our home is about gardening, we thought it would be a good idea to post some of our favorite books on the topic! These have been checked out of the library, so hint, hint grandparents–we don’t own them and would love to! No pressure or anything.

Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots ~ a great book on gardening together with our parents! Fun and informative as well. We really like this one.
Up, Down, and Around ~ wonderful for preschoolers! Here we learned about veggies that grow underground, some that grow above ground and others that grown all around the garden.
The Vegetables We Eat ~ a good source of info on how various veggies are grown and then the process of how they get to our grocery store. We learned much about how botanists catagorize veggies–by the part that we eat: tuber, leaf, stem, bulb, flower bud, root, seed, or fruit.
A Seed is Sleepy ~ this is Mom’s personal favorite, you can find her looking through it on her own! This book has gorgeous illustrations and information on seeds and their ‘abilities’. Such as…a seed is clever: it knows to seek the sunlight, to push itself up, up, up through the soil.
In all of this talk and reading, Mom has also explained that God planned for seeds to do their job from the very beginning of creation. Isn’t that amazing? He made every tree, every plant, every fruit with the ability to make more of itself. That way, He wouldn’t have to keep speaking words of creation every time we needed more fruit or another tree somewhere. In one word, He planned for it to go on, and on, and on….Wow! How super-duper intelligent of God!!
Oh, one more book: One Bean, which inspired this project:
We’re growing beans! A bean is a seed that we can eat; and we started it off by placing two between wet paper towels. Their hard skin will get soft and wrinkly and begin to sprout. We’ll update as we go along!
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