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spiritual refreshment in the gardens

spiritual refreshment in the gardens

Recently a friend and I spent the afternoon at Longwood Gardens, followed by Japanese food indulgence (no guilt!).

We both needed a break from winter and I needed distraction from an ongoing court case. Rooms of flowers, plants and extraordinary arrangements of both seemed a good idea — and we were right!

I relaxed incredibly within 15 minutes. This took me by surprise somewhat. For days afterwards I thought of how the gardens impacted me…how refreshed I felt spiritually.

Growing up, I couldn’t stand being outside. Blame it on Texas heat or my introverted tendencies back then to curl up and read a book…indoors.

While I spent a fair amount of time playing outdoors with my sisters, it certainly wasn’t my favorite activity. But as an adult I’ve learned how much I really do enjoy long walks in the woods, strolling through a garden, sitting by a body of water or just hanging out in my backyard.

Now it’s common for me to pray, journal or read in any of these locations. I almost always feel energized both emotionally and spiritually!

The Longwood experience reminded me I need to include this God-nature-rest-reflection time during the winter season as well as the summer.

Instead of delaying activity which deeply refreshes my spirit, I plan to include indoor gardens as part of my winter self-care.

My soul will thank me.



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