Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?

At its core, spiritual direction is a confidential process where you are invited to notice, savor, and deepen your life in God. Through insightful questions and guidance, a spiritual director intentionally journeys with you as you discern a way forward. This can take place over a few sessions or much longer.


The practice offers opportunity for discovery and transformation in a non-judgmental space.


You may find spiritual direction helpful if you are:

  • experiencing a dry season in your spiritual or life journey
  • sorting through a life change or decision
  • experiencing loss, grief/suffering or disappointment
  • desiring spiritual support outside community circles (or because you lack support)

What is the difference?

Spiritual direction differs from mentoring or friendships.


Mentoring involves a desired outcome. These relationships are helpful, but not spiritual direction. Interacting with friends or a small group is also beneficial, and often experience a give and take.


Spiritual direction sets itself apart.


This relationship centers on awareness of the Spirit's guidance with no predetermined agenda. Spiritual direction is also one-way; the director fully focuses on the other person, not seeking to have their personal needs met.

sacred rhythms

what does a session look like?

We come together in person or an online video call about once a month for an hour. Our private meeting begins with quiet or prayer.


You are free to bring whatever feels important to our conversation.


Together we notice the movements of your story, the Spirit's active presence and how you desire to respond. We may explore various spiritual practices or journaling as it seems to fit for you.


I am unafraid to sit with your experiences and my approach is trauma-sensitive. Your willingness to share is held with honor and confidentiality.


Consider scheduling a complimentary 15 minute session to explore working together.


"Daniele offers a warm,

friendly and hospitable spirit.

Within spiritual direction she

balances space for silence and

asking meaningful questions.


Working with Daniele

helped me connect intimately

with the Lord." ~ Rachel

questions & answers

how often are sessions?

The rhythm of spiritual direction sessions is always left to you. I suggest once a month. We can increase or decrease pace as it seems helpful.


Enneagram education or other coaching typically offered in a series or set.

what if a session is missed?

You may read my terms before any purchase.

I hope your question is answered there, and please reach out as needed.

are your services similar to counseling?

No. I feel confident offering my services yet distinguish between psychology and spirituality. These overlap for each of us and you might benefit from support in both areas at the same time. If you wonder about next steps, please seek the opinion of a professional of your choice. Feel free to share this website or any of my services if helpful.

do we need to meet in person?

I live in Central Pennsylvania USA and am willing to meet with you at a nearby retreat center. Sessions mostly available via an online portal for live video calls.

what would you like to do next?