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simple woman’s daybook :: 1.16.17

simple woman’s daybook :: 1.16.17

It has been ages since I’ve participated in The Simple Woman’s Daybook posts…

…I had to Google and see if the series still existed.  It does.

Good.  A helpful way to gather up bits and pieces of life into a blog post.


Outside my window… eh, kinda blah.  I know winter offers beauty within its dark days and coldness.  Another time, I will look for it. 🙂

Plans for today… watching Melody 1963, the American Girl story (free streaming on Amazon through tonight); homeschool theatre, art and choir classes for the kids, a bit of grocery shopping.

I am thankful for… steadiness to our days, which are not as normal as before.  Even in the transitions, I find the rhythms I’ve worked hard to establish: those of work-rest, study-play, group time-alone time, now sustain life changes in a way which I am so pleasantly surprised to see us experience.  Grateful.

I am creating… lists of course.  These are of intentional goals as I work through Lara Casey’s Power Sheets for 2017.  What I really appreciate with this goal-setting system is the aim towards what is truly, really important to you right now — not simply making up fluffy, generalized goals.  I own the six month pink powersheets notebook.

I am reading… SO, SO many books!  I am currently involved in two programs — one training to provide intentional soul care for others, and one focusing on personal spiritual transformation.  The book list for each keeps my mind (and heart) engaged.

Two of my favorite books so far have been Fierce Conversations (actually more of a business book, yet excellent) and also The Anatomy of the Soul, Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That Can Transform Your Life and Relationships.

I am watching… THE CROWN.  I actually devoured Season 1 recently and am waiting (impatiently) for Season 2 to release.  This Netflix original series is everything I love about history, the British monarchy and good television.  Homeschooling Mamas…from what I have seen so far, junior high and high schoolers could watch as well.

The Crown was my reward for reading aforementioned books!

In the school room… I finally convinced the children Christmas break is a thing of the past!  The January return proved no different than other years, always a bit tough.  Glad for routine once again.

In my kitchen… I needed to make adjustments to a new kitchen recently, such a personal journey for me.

Without the norms of my pots/pans, dishwashers, spacious island, double ovens and such I normally use, it has been interesting to examine what I depend upon for making food (and for cleaning up).

The reflection led to memories of my kitchens over the last 20 years.  The one with literally only a foot of countertop, or the one with a washer and dryer right in the kitchen, or…. well, funny stories have been shared with the children lately!

As I have hand-washed dishes (a great time for prayer), I am deeply encouraged to realize my joy of cooking is independent of the size of my kitchen.  The extra space and extra tools are incredibly helpful, no doubt.  But the joy of creating, exploring and trying new foods remains. A good thing.

I am loving… this lotion by Naked Bee. A gift which instantly became my favorite.  Smelling like orange blossoms puts you in a good mood!

Right now, I am thinking… of the NEW upcoming changes to my writing.  I spent most of 2016 realizing I had outgrown the focus and intent of Domestic Serenity.  This blog began in 2007 as a creative connection with family and friends about our daily lives as a homeschooling family.

Over time, I expanded to include reflective writing, tips and tricks for managing the home, and product reviews.  I still love, LOVE sharing about these topics and others such as frugal living and recipes.

NO worries.  This focus for Domestic is not going anywhere.  You’ll still find me posting right in this space with more consistency in 2017.  That said, I am incredibly passionate about several topics which are not very domestic or actually even very serene at all.

While this blog reflects true parts of my life, other parts of me and my story keep fighting to find space and voice.  Instead of cramming everything into this spot on the web, last year I decided instead to create NEW spaces.

And…I cannot wait to tell you about them! 🙂

I am hoping… you will join me in my new writing adventures. I also hope your week is a good one.


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