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simple woman’s daybook :: focusing on today

simple woman’s daybook :: focusing on today

Joining in February’s daybook entries….


Outside my window still snow almost everywhere I look.  Some {brown} grass peeking out here and there.

I am thinking about you, dear readers.  My inbox tells me several new and fresh-on-the-motherhood band wagon Moms read here.

A series with you in mind just may be in order.  Thoughts about soaking up these days and years of babies and toddlers, giving yourself grace, and other ideas are swirling in my mind.

And, thanks for sharing your thoughts as well…

I am thankful for much, but I’ll simply say it this way:  “He’s still working on me…to make me what I ought to be…”  Sing with me?

In the kitchen… I’ve whipped up homemade crackers and cranberry banana bread so far this week.  The kids love, love the crackers and gobbled them up as fast as I made them; the cranberry bread too.

When I need to think, I create.  Music, food, writing – somehow my mind works out its kinks through my hands.  Cooking seems to be the current go-to.

I am creating outside of time in the kitchen, I’m also starting a *little* list on next year’s homeschool plans.  Really, it’s uncomplicated and won’t require much thought as I’m fairly confident of the direction we’re headed.  But who doesn’t like a good list?

I am going to the fabric store soon.  I think the kids and I should make these fabric lanterns in spring patterns!  You know, to help pass the winter?

I am reading still plodding through some of these books recently mentioned, and checking out a few of your FICTION recommendations! 🙂 {see the Facebook thread on this}

I am hoping… to make elderberry syrup sometime soon.

I am looking forward to gathering with homeschool Moms at the Real Refreshment Retreat.  Anticipating the days and connections!

I am learning not to be so picky about constant clean-up.  Seems to me there’s more creative ‘mess’ as children take pizza boxes, mix it with the last of my aluminum foil (ahem), and make some solar-powered gadget.

Not to mention the entire living room reorganized for orchestra-style seating.  Yesterday found a stuffed Curious George, several other animals and dolls, and two boys quite engaged in a concert.

In all honesty, sometimes, I wish for the day when I don’t have to ask 3 kids just where my stapler went because it will simply be where I placed it.  But, I know enough not to wish right now away — the days are moving too fast as it is.

So, I learn to embrace the messes.

One of my favorite things my Erin Condren life planner!  I know — I still need to share a post and my thoughts.  Until then, just know that I’m loving this planner so much.

A peek into my day today holds some church work in the a.m., and then meeting with another pastor’s wife to share around balancing homeschooling and this ministry lifestyle.

Not that I’ve already arrived, but I hope to encourage. 🙂

And you — what does today or your week hold?


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  • ChristinaFebruary 28, 2014 - 4:31 pm

    I totally burst out laughing at your ‘where my stapler will be where I simply place it.” I can help you with an answer for that… as long as you live with someone, it may be NEVER! However, embracing the messes or the displacement of your materialist treasures will NEVER replace the amazement, wonder, or joy of your tiny treasures God entrusted to you!!!

    Such perspective Daniele!!!

    I have four daughters, ALL of which are plenty old enough to tell me when they took the last fill-in-the-blank item, or even return it to it’s lodging place, but life keeps going and I sooooo love them. My OCD goes haywire some days, when I realllly ‘need’ a certain personal item and I bought two boxes the prior week… but God’s grace always steps in, perhaps not right that second, but I am so blessed to have my minor disrupting complaints in today’s world.

    I am so blessed when I can’t find something else, because it means someone I love deeply and passionately did something wonderful with it and needed it more than I do or did… may all my materialist treasures be USED, tired, and broken because they were loved in my home!

    I have learned so much on giving and how I really can do without whatever it may be, through those beautiful wonderful giggling faces… I have seen so many miracles in ME, because of how I think I am in control.

    Someday when the stapler will sit with dust on it, not sticky or even empty… I can smile. I pray that’s what God sees when he sees my home, my heart, and my girls’hearts.

    Blessings to you Daniele!ReplyCancel

  • Daniele @ Domestic SerenityMarch 3, 2014 - 10:47 am

    I know Christina — my husband may move it!! 🙂 God has really been working on me to release some of the need to have ‘everything in its place’, at least all of the time. The creative work is a sign of LIFE happening in our home, in our learning. We’re growing together and it’s exactly how it should be. I’ll probably always go on cleaning spurts, but I hope not to interrupt the LIFE — that’s more important.ReplyCancel

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