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simple tips for planning a memorable summer

simple tips for planning a memorable summer

Summer time is fast approaching!  With this season comes more relaxed and laid-back days perfect for creating family memories.  And planning special times for those we love is exactly what should be the priority, don’t you think?

Whether we anticipate more organized vacation times or envision simple backyard picnics, a little thought can go a long way in shaping our family’s summer adventures.  Some of us like to wing it, taking each day as it comes.  Others may want to aim for having a list of ideas ready before June arrives.

Whatever your style, however you choose to approach the season — today I offer a few questions and suggestions to consider.

A great beginning place is to ask “As a family, what memories would we like to make this summer?”


{The rest of this post, a few simple tips and suggestions for the family, is over at Frugal Granola today — where contributing monthly has been a treat!  Summer time planning is on the brain, so join me in the conversation over there?}



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