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settling in to the new year

settling in to the new year

First, thank you very much for the prayers :: our family members in Haiti were finally able to contact my mother yesterday, all are well! Homes have collapsed, life must restart afresh in a country that is devastated…there is a lot for them to take in. We rejoice in the news that they are safe!

Last week I finally decided to embrace the new year by moving out of vacation mode and gearing up for another season of fullness in our family. Inspired by the cookbooks recently checked out of the library, preparing and putting away some foodstuff for the upcoming weeks was top on the list. No pictures (at least not mine), we were too busy! We being my 11-yr old girl and I who worked away with a determined focus; lots of fun and memories made.

foodbaking photo by beauty that moves

Here’s what we accomplished~

  • granola (recipe blogged about here)
  • in the VitaMix blender we made applesauce, almond butter, pureed butternut squash for the baby, and ground wheat berries for flour
  • the flour we used to make lots of orange cranberry muffins, loaves of pumpkin bread and dozens of oatmeal raisin cookies
  • the crockpots were bubbling with a few roasts and chicken was cooked and shredded for future use
  • oh, and we made samosas~just because (I used the recipe from Extending the Table cookbook, but there are many recipes on the web)

The whole plan began with the idea to make some soups to freeze, but as you can see, that didn’t happen. Hmmm…think I got distracted?

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