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serenity for little ones, the holiday version

serenity for little ones, the holiday version

”Okay kids!  Here’s the plan and agenda for today — first, we’re running to the craft store for supplies, a quick stop for groceries, then off to the library to check out our holiday books…won’t that be fun?  After lunch, we’ll bake gingerbread – lots – and deliver the cookies to our neighbors.  Oh, and we’ll shop for our Angel Tree child somewhere in there!

When Daddy gets home, off to get our own tree!  We’ll decorate, have hot chocolate, play Christmas music and do our Advent calendar.  This year we’re reading some exciting stories each night that I know you’ll just love!  Right before bed, we’ll pause to choose a few gifts for those in need.  Hmm, what shall it be — chickens, pigs, Bibles, a bicycle?  Can’t wait to decide!  This is going to be such a fabulous day, right?

Kids?  Kids!?…”

{Mom looks around to find that her children have dozed off.  She sighs and wakes them.  Off they go into the day.}

Okay, so this is a fictitious scenario I’m imagining with Mom excitement-filled and kids running very quickly out of fuel.  It’s too full of over-the-top-activity that none of us would actually attempt.

Or do we? Reflect for a moment on the upcoming holiday season :: the plans, ideas, gatherings, celebrations, activities and timeline of events for your family.  Now think of the little ones in your home (or the big kiddos as well).  Does the pace ahead provide some breathing room, time for pause to soak it all in, some time for…


{Read the rest of this post over at Passionate Homemaking, Lindsay’s space in blogsphere.  I am honored and thrilled to be a new monthly contributor to her site!  Lindsay and I met at Relevant last year and connected in heart again at this year’s conference :: her site is chock-full of info on natural & simple living — be sure to stop by!}


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