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school’s out :: fresh books to read

school’s out :: fresh books to read

Reading an abundance of books seems to be on the agenda lately.  Oh yes, I’m always reading something — an article, a book, a blog post of interest.  But with the end of our homeschool year came a more open schedule and….yes, more time to read!

So off to the library we went.  While we wait for local pools to open in the next week or two, I’m reading.  While the kids play and soak up their own free time with activities, I’m reading.  During naptime, books, books, books.  While cooking dinner — okay, I haven’t gone that far yet!

Though I am quietly ignoring another area — finishing our homeschool notebooks & portfolios for the year.  Ahem.

All that said, here is the current line up (along with a few others in my sidebar) ~

Home Made Simple :: the book seems like a homemaker’s gem!  With topics such as easy decor, sprucing up outside of the home, cleaning routine ideas, lots of recipes, and organizational tips — this is a great ‘before bed’ book.  I’m trying to read the more intense ones during the day!

Unlimited :: while I don’t agree with everything Jillian Michael’s, I’ve long admired her work ethic.  Looking forward to hearing more of her story instead of just reading bits and pieces in news articles.

Allergies and Asthma, What Every Parent Needs to Know :: two of our children suffer with severe food and seasonal allergies as well as asthma.  In the past two years, I’ve done extensive research on how to help our little guys (and without the heavy use of traditional asthma meds which have long-term side effects).  I just checked out this book to be sure there’s not any info I missed.  We’ll see.

Keeping Bees :: Go ahead and laugh!  No, I have no intention to keep bees — ever.  But, this book seemed so fascinating and again a great before bed read (as in I don’t really read it, but just skim it).  The recipes in the back were the hook, definitely a few to try out.  And we like honey!

Outlive Your Life :: It’s Max Lucado! I’ve been wanting to check out this book for a potential small group study at church.  The subtitle is ‘You Were Made to Make a Difference’ — I like that.  Let’s see what information the pages hold.

It’s Summer :: the Amazon link doesn’t have a picture, try you local library if interested?  This is one of my favorites for thinking through this season and creating a memorable summer.  We take our days as they come and appreciate unplanned down time, but giving a little thought to a few special events or celebrations is on my mind as well.  An older, simple book with lots of ideas!


You see that there’s a 14 day only loan on most of these?  Hmmm…better skim and read fast!


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