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:: right now ::

:: right now ::

Right now I am…

:: enjoying memories from our epic road trip to Texas.  If you have followed on Facebook or Instagram, a few pictures of our time made it there.  We experienced so much goodness and family bonding, and I’ll be reflecting for months on just how significant this trip was for all of us.  More details and photos to come!

:: feeling a bit remorseful for not spending more quiet time at the beach on said vacation, considering it was right up the road.  Ah, well.

:: reading two incredibly insightful and helpful books: Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership and Sacred Rhythms.  Each book reflects much of what I have been processing over time with our mentors, and also multiple conversations with my husband.  I am also learning SO much more about rest — a topic I am passionate about.  Excellent reads!

:: loving sitting on my back porch.  This completely means ‘summer’ to me!  Sometimes talking with a family member, often reading or just thinking.  I love, love my porch.

:: smiling  at how often I have worn this skirt from Target since purchasing it.  I simply rotate tops; it could be my summer uniform. 🙂

:: wondering when I’ll make it to the farmer’s market this summer.  I have not been at all so far, and last year I did not go even once (very different for my summers).  Must remedy this soon…

:: thinking about our upcoming homeschool year.  We’ll have a high school senior this year and I am just a bit messed up by that thought (just how did we get here so quickly!?)

:: planning for said homeschooling and cleaning our homeschool spaces, yet very slowly.  A boost of some sort is definitely necessary, I am feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed at running so late.  But I trust it will come together, it usually does.

:: celebrating  this boy’s birthday today.  SIX is a big deal and he is quite proud of his next step in age.  He shared very specific details and desires for his special day. 🙂  Let’s just say we’ll see how much we can accommodate.

:: wishing you a very lovely Monday and a great start to your week!


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