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right now

right now

I am…

:: wanting a few more hours of sleep; insomnia is a struggle once again

:: going to take the children to the library today

:: hoping our fine there is a manageable one {ahem.}

:: listening to my husband round up the boys for breakfast

:: loving that he does this almost every morning so I can write

:: thinking through ways to simplify meal prep for this week (I’m going through a bit of a cooking slump.  Very unusual for me, but being tired does that to you.)

:: enjoying our new ice cream maker!  This week’s creation is dairy-free strawberry ice cream that is delish…so good!

:: drinking green smoothies daily once again, after a few months of pause.

:: making my list for the farmer’s market today — fresh, local fruits and veggies, some honey.  that’s about it.

:: laughing over my excitement about new post-it notes!  Okay, so it doesn’t take much to brighten my day. I love these!

:: appreciating rearranging new spaces in our home for the upcoming school year.

:: needing to continue working on lesson plans, but not this week.

:: playing the piano more often these relaxed summer days and…

:: learning new music!


:: pausing to notice beauty all around, in various forms, gifts of the day.

I hope that today is filled with ‘right now’ awareness for the both of us.  Seeking, seeing, appreciating, loving and drinking in the fullness of the moments that make up our days.




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