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right now…

right now…

I am ::

soaking up morning sunlight, 20-month old cuddling near, incredibly blessed

looking forward to that light all day — and warmer weather

thinking of today’s plans and if I should attempt yogurt making. or not.

loving the excitement of my children as they watch seedlings grow

hearing bird songs out my window

missing my husband, who is a state away

grieving with a mother I may never meet, whose baby girl now sings in heavenly realms

praying mightily on her behalf :: for comfort, for God to be real and near

encouraging you to lift prayers as well — just a whisper for a mother whose heart is breaking?

incredibly moved by a friend’s words of affirmation

considering her challenge to keep focus on God’s words, not other voices

finding contentment in next year’s homeschooling plans

remembering that we have dentist appointments soon, but forgetting the actual date (sigh)

making plans for a trip to the library

choosing to take this day…

one step at a time.

with grace.

hoping...the same for you.



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