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right now

right now

Oh, life is full right now!  Full of goodness, full of randomness (is that a word?) and a tinge of heaviness, though overall much is good.  Ever have a season like that? 

I have found that when the pendulum swings a little too far off and I feel a bit out of balance or the ‘carpet pulled out from under my feet’….seeking out His grace gifts all around restores perspective.  Oh, His grace.  It is more than sufficient :: much more than I deserve or can ask or hope for.  And so I praise Him….

magnoliafor the completion of another school year of learning and growing with my children

for they have taught me much

the freshness of new growth :: vegetables, fruits in season

the sound of the birds, whispering their songs outside my window

the love of cooking :: making & creating

for the promise of beauty rising from ashes

for the faithfulness of a husband who protects and provides

the steadiness of friendship

laughter!  :: the gift of humor is truly that…a gift

for my One and Only, Jesus.  How I love you so.


Pause today and reflect ~ give thanks for the grace all around, always present.


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