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reviewing September, moving into October

reviewing September, moving into October

Naturally, I’m once again late in posting 3in30 reviews and goals :: this seems to be a pattern, but I’m not bothered.  September ended wonderfully and this month has potential as well.

Let’s see how last month’s goals went:

  • Clean out our closet & evaluate clothing purchases for my husband and myself — mostly DONE!  A few items still need removal, but our space is uncluttered.  Now we can both see what items need updating.
  • Establish a routine for freezer cooking express — DONE!  September I accomplished a one-hour freezer cooking session each week to plan ahead for our breakfast and dinner meals.  I’ll continue this habit, great progress here!
  • Continue to NOURISH — ongoing!  Since this is my word for 2011, I continue to find ways for nourishing and caring for mind, body and spirit.  Simple ways, but intentional ways.

September proved to be a full month, more than we anticipated.  I’m grateful for the focus of 3 goals instead of feeling frazzled by a long list of new attempts.

Moving towards a new month…

To me, October is a time for letting go and embracing — summer is truly past and colder days and holidays are ahead.  Right now feels right for planning and thinking so the upcoming season isn’t rushed, scurried… frazzled.

In light of this, here are my October goals:

  • Begin my lists (oh, how I love a good list!) for the holidays ahead.  Each year finds me with a strong desire to celebrate with memorable activities — to have Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas be a time of family togetherness and memory making, BUT without craziness!  So, I try to prioritize ideas and leave some for another year.  List making for our holiday celebrations begins this month.
  • One more list I’ve been inspired to do includes another celebration.  My 40th birthday is next month (how in the world did I get here this fast!?) and one day last week, in a matter of 1/2 hour, I began a “40 Things I Want to Do While I’m 40” list.  Just like that.  No, it’s not really a bucket list or anything, but I came away very excited!  Really, it’s like a 3in30 list with four more additional goals.  This month, I’m seeking both God’s and my husband’s input, and will tweek it as those two accountability partners offer counsel. 🙂  And yes, I’ll be sharing on the blog!
  • Lastly, I plan to attend and thoroughly enjoy the Relevant Conference later this month.  You’ve heard all this year about the impact of last year’s conference, and I’m thrilled to be there once more.  A part of necessary NOURISHment I’ve decided.

So, I’ll be spending lots of time with pen and paper, in prayer and sharing with my spouse, then connecting with old friends and making new ones.

Sounds like a great plan for a new month!




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