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remembering to breathe

remembering to breathe

This is not in reference to any physical ailment or struggle.

But of a more intimate and personal struggle of my heart.

It’s taken a few reminders and other voices besides my own to bring along the recognition. I’ve been holding my breath so to speak. Waiting to exhale, if I can borrow that term without any of the theatrical or Hollywood implications.

There is a bit of an awakening occuring in realizing and resurfacing some of the passions placed on my heart. Some of the gifts breathed into my life by the only One who can accomplish such a task.

When did I stop believing the message I so often share with my children?

That there will be some things the Holy One places on your mind to ponder, your heart to delight in, and your hands to do….that you must accomplish. It will be like breathing, it must happen, despite the odds.

Without food, a person can survive several days.

Without water, a little less.

And some pursuits are understandably in these catagories :: on the sidelines anticipating their return into my life. It’s not the time or season, and I willingly accept this.

But there are one or two that are like taking a breath. It’s necessary or suffocation is soon to occur.

So, when exactly did I start holding my breath waiting for a new season, after this or that, to move forward?

I’m not sure.

But, I have been shaped by Him to do, to give, to live, to pursue :: “It is He who made us and not we ourselves” the psalmist writes. I must pause and remember.

I must breathe.



{pondering these thoughts ::  a repost from the archives.  this week I’ll share more on thoughts of moving forward with pursuing God-given passions in God-ordained seasons.  Grace for today.}


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