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preserving summer :: recipes, tutorials for freezing and canning

preserving summer :: recipes, tutorials for freezing and canning

In our part of the country, or in my part domestic world, the freezing and canning season is about to kick off!  I’m always a little excited at the start, and will be tired of it all about August.

But, let’s focus on beginnings, okay?

Fresh, homegrown strawberries are almost at peak, blueberries are around the corner, green beans, corn, peaches and more! :: farmer’s market days and bounty are about to become a weekly treasure.  And it will all end (for me at least) with applesauce in late September or so.

To gather up some resources, and to pass along a few to you…

Here’s a list of some helps and tips from around the web for freezing/canning fruits and vegetables.


Freezing blueberries, strawberries and raspberries

Freezing bananas (and what to do with the peels!)

How to Freeze Corn from corn-on-the-cob

Freezing Peaches

Preserving Produce by Freezing (a general guide on several kinds including squash, pumpkin, and greens)

Blanching, Freezing and the Cooking Frozen Veggies (extensive guide and tips on specific vegetables, their cooking times, etc.)

Jams and Jellies

I’ve only tried my hand at a few, but here are our favorites and others I hope to include this summer:

Strawberry Rhubarb Freezer Jam

Honey Sweetened Berry Jams (recipe for a healthier version of berry jams)

How to Make Homemade Jam in 30 minutes

Peach Honey Jam



Canning 101 – Basics

How to Can Tomatoes

Canning Tomato Juice and Sauce

Easy Tomato Soup (to freezer or can)

Canning Peaches

Canned Salsa Recipe (a new one to try this year!)

How to Can Applesauce (I use a different version & recipe, but this is a starting place)

Now to dig out my canning supplies and to stock up on freezer bags…


what would you like to do next?

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