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preschool construction theme :: printables, projects and more!

preschool construction theme :: printables, projects and more!

Well…don’t let my kindergartner know I’ve titled this a preschool theme.  He is done. with. preschool.  Can you tell I’ve heard those words recently?

As I reflected in last week’s post, we’re in the thick of a construction project at our home.

Very exciting for each member, especially the boys (ages 2.5 and newly 6) who are thrilled for backhoes, dump trucks and piles of DIRT to fill most of our backyard.

wearing your construction vest a must!

So naturally, Mama decided a construction-themed homeschool focus was in order.

I had so much fun gathering resources and choosing materials — yes, I also had trouble narrowing down to a few simple activities.  Ahem.  Thus this post…to remind me of ALL of the other fun projects we could do in the future!

The boys own several truck related books, but we still checked a few more out of the library:


lots and lots of measuring!

Along with measuring, counting is a great preschool and kindergarten math activity.

We went around seeing how many new windows, doors and rooms we were adding.  A handy-dandy free printable is this counting the house pdf, where you can record all these and more items in your home!


I chose one craft for the boys to enjoy, saving other ideas for a rainy day.

Kids Craft Weekly’s moving parts digger was a complete hit!  Simple to follow – if you enjoy 2 yr olds and paint – this little project didn’t take much time.  Great scissor practice for the kindergartner when it came to cutting the digger out.

Oodles More Construction Themed Resources:

And, hammering golf tees never gets old.

I simply stacked clean meat styrofoam plates and let the boys bang away!  We have several leftover wood blocks from the builders that will be used in various ways I’m sure – also great real nails practice for our 6-yr old.

Last but not least, don’t forget to actually BUILD something!

We’ll be sure to bring you more construction updates as the days go by!


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