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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I’ve come to believe that God most definitely has a sense of humor.

I’ve also come to believe that this must be a primary reason why children say things out of the blue, catching everyone off guard, and yet profoundly speaking to the hearts of those around.

So begins a recent interaction with our five-year old son.  The setting is like any other home most likely — Mama is folding up sheets, straightening this room and that, thinking through various aspects of the day ahead.

He bounds in full throttle, stopping within inches of pounding his weight against a wall.  Determination in his face, he asks the profound out-of-the-blue question:

“Mommy, do you like yourself?”

I pause.  Sheets lay on the bed and my mind wonders if I heard correctly.

“What’s that buddy?”

Long sigh that sounds like a mix between grunting and yawning.  “I said…do you like yourself?” This time asked at a higher volume but short of being considered an ‘outside voice’.

I pause again.  My mother’s mind wanders through typical questions of where this question is stemming from, how much should I explain, etc.  This boy of mine is clearly exasperated in waiting and answers for himself:


{finish the remainder of this post over at Frugal Granola today, where I’m honored to contribute monthly.  Words that I hope will ring true for you as well when you consider this question.  The finding summer photo project will continue tomorrow.}



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